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Member Dossier Services

RK has considerable experience in the preparation and submission of member dossiers for existing active substances. Our staff have regulatory and Chemical background with numbers of years of experience. We also have the benefit of experience in...know more

Air Pollution Sampling

RK Products and Research labs tries to ensures that our air remains clean by identifying sources of air pollutants to minimize adverse impact on human health and the environment. Goals are to meet and maintain air quality standards... know more

Drinking Water Analysis

Water has a significant role in satisfying physical, hygienic, sanitary and domestic needs for human life, and comprises 63-65% of human body. Water of about 2-3 litre quantity is needed for humans per day. This water satisfying human needs must ... know more

Industrial Effluent Analysis

The common chemical pollutants harmful to human health found in ground water due to industrial discharges are chlorides, nitrates, heavy metals and organic matter which are the main cause for miscarriage, low birth weight, birth defects and prematur ... know more

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